Should You Buy A Desktop Or Laptop Computer?

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At one point or another, we all need to buy a computer. The lifestyles / needs of our careers will determine whether we should purchase a laptop or desktop computer. The differences between each of these machines will be the determinant of whether ewe will be better off or not with either of these types of machines. So how do you know if you need a desktop more than a laptop and vice versa?

Understanding your needs

The best way to understand your needs will be by judging your career, your movements and what you want to do in your free time. As much as it may sound ‘unimportant’, knowing what you want to do in your free time will have an impact on the types of computer you will buy. The only way to understand and have a thorough grasp of the differences between the two is by having real and practical examples.


A laptop can be defined as a portable computer. With this in mind, you will need to consider the uses of the same before you seriously think of purchasing one. For starters, the computer has been design to be operated by people who are constantly on the move. If you are not moving a lot, you should not seriously think of buying one.

Secondly, you will; need to take into consideration the locations you are moving to when you want to buy the laptop. For example, your work may involve being so much on the move to the point that you are never in one place at a time. If this is the case, and you do not need access to a computer on a daily basis (meaning at least 1 hour a day), then you should not consider a laptop. Good examples of people who are not in need of a laptop is sales person, distributor and so forth. With the present day technology, they can handle anything they need using their smartphones.

Last, but not least, is the security and amount of time you will be spending on a computer. For example, if you really need to be on computer, you should avoid using a laptop. A laptop has been designed with the intent of being used on the move only when necessary. People who download files and are heavy computer users should opt for a desktop rather than a laptop. The simple logic is that laptops tend to have a higher wear and tear when they are used over long periods of time.


One of the obvious reasons why you should opt to buy a desktop instead of a laptop is if you have an office job. It is not uncommon to find such devices in your office area. However, you may need the same to continue with overdue work or handling projects when you are at home after working hours or during the weekends. Such a computer is good and efficient as it can run for longer hours than a laptop.

If your job entails handling sensitive data, ten a desktop is better than a laptop. This is attributed to the fact that laptops are easier to lose due to their portability. A desktop is virtually impossible to lose since you will not be moving with it around. These are the major reasons you can use to know if you should buy a desktop or laptop.