Extra cooling for your COMPUTER

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During the summer months, a COMPUTER that normally runs like a champ can suddenly begin experiencing lots of annoying problems. It begins to run louder, making irritating whirring sounds and sounding like it’s struggling to work; otherwise, it completely seizes up and crashes – leaving you in the lurch. There’s no doubt about it: excessive heat and computers just don’t mix. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your PC cool and running like a champ – learn more by reading below.

Keep It Where It’s Cool – If your computer isn’t already near a vent that blows out air conditioned air in the summer, move it there. The A/C will keep the air around your computer nice and cool, minimizing the risk of overheating.

Aim A Fan On It – Don’t have air conditioning? You can achieve similar results by buying a decent external fan and aiming it in the GENERAL DIRECTION of the CPU. By keeping the air moving in the vicinity of your computer, it has less of a chance to stagnate and get really hot.

Give It Space – Some COMPUTER DESKS have compartments for tucking your computer away; don’t use them. Doing that keeps the computer cooped up and greatly increases the risk of overheating. Always make sure that your computer’s vents have plenty of room to release the hot air from within.

Keep The Case Closed – As counter intuitive as it may seem, keeping your COMPUTER’S CASE open can actually make an overheating problem worse. That’s because dirt and grime can easily get into the internal fans, slowing them down or making them stop altogether. When you need to open the case, always close it back up when you’re finished.

CLEAN YOUR COMPUTER’S Fans – As part of your computer’s routine maintenance, you should periodically use a can of compressed air to clean each of its internal fans. Most computers have a fan at the top of the CPU, inside the power supply and there’s usually also one near the front of the machine. The compressed air will blow all of the dust, lint and other debris off the fans, allowing the computer to keep cooler more efficiently.

Buy Better Fans – For a little bit of money, you can upgrade your COMPUTER’S CPU fan to a higher performing model; buying extra fans for the case to blow hot air out and draw cool air in can further enhance your computer’s functioning and it keep it from overheating.